Installing antivirus or not?

"antivirus is dead" is not completely untrue

The antivirus companies Bitdefender finds the testimony of competitors Symantec that antivirus software is dead, brave, but not one hundred percent correct.

The Romanian antivirus manufacturer Bitdefender has to statement expressed "antivirus is dead" Symantec's vice chairman Brian Dye. Catalin Cosoi, Chief Security Strategist at Bitdefender, said in a statement on the German PR agency of the company: "A bold statement that is not entirely correct, but - the truth lies somewhere in the middle."

Dye said that Symantec's prominent Norton AntiVirus software has long been no longer take care of the necessary revenue. Anti-virus software is as good as "dead" . Only an average of 45 percent of all attacks would be detected by antivirus software.

To be limited to using antivirus software that actually leads to a dead end - and has been for at least eight years, so Cosoi, the anti-virus protection with a light painkiller compares: "to assert But antivirus is dead, is about as one would say, is that aspirin dead because it can not cure cancer and all other diseases of mankind. aspirin is still working with a hangover, a headache or a slight cold, and therefore the people who are still in their medicine cabinets.

"For other diseases other drugs have been developed. So it was also similar in the IT industry. Antivirus is just a function within a security suite. Advanced Threat Protection is another buzzword, every security company will start to work on ATP-technologies.

"On the other side lies a grain of truth in the statement - if properly understood" , Cosoi said about Symantec's opinion. Bitdefender working on the development of the security industry. "We have the results and will start soon" , he stressed.
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